The Transilvanian Trilogy is a musical and visual project centered around the Transilvanian lands. Each part of the trilogy will evolve into fully developed musical and visual sides, which will be available separately, with an identity of their own, but also combined for a complete experience. The visual part will shape into 3 non-verbal movies developed by Negură Bunget and visual artist Daniel Dorobantu, while the musical part will take the form of 3 full-length albums.

The first part of the trilogy, entitled Tău (engl. your) will unveil the natural landscapes, by exploring 9 unique natural places, with their mystique, atmosphere, legends and meanings.
The second part will explore the human components, the traditions and practices, the connection with the nature, the way this relation shaped the spiritual horizon of the local inhabitants.
The last part will focus on the spiritual elements, the values that defined and made these lands immortal.